Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Daily Highlights

Symantec Corp. reports a new Trojan horse called Infostealer. Monstres has stolen more than 1.6 million records belonging to several hundred thousand people from Monster Worldwide Inc.'s job search service, setting them up for phishing mail that plants malware on their machines. (See item 4)
The Associated Press reports Texas officials opened emergency operations centers, moved inmates to prisons deeper inland, and passed out sandbags along portions of the Texas coast as Hurricane Dean barrels toward the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. (See item 18)
Information Technology and Telecommunications Sector

20. August 20, IDG News Service — RF Micro to buy Sirenza in $900 million deal. Mobile
phone chip maker RF Micro Devices plans to buy Sirenza Microdevices in a $900 million deal
aimed at expanding its presence in WiMax, broadband, cable TV, and wireless infrastructure.
The deal is a sign that merger and acquisition activity in the technology sector is not over,
despite credit industry problems that have roiled global stock markets.
Source: http://www.infoworld.com/article/07/08/20/RF−Micro−to−buy−Si renza_1.html

21. August 17, Websense Security Labs — Malicious Website/Malicious Code: Biotechnology Information Organization site compromise. Websense Security Labs has discovered that the official site of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (www.bio.org) has been compromised and infects visitors with a malicious script that attempts to exploit multiple vulnerabilities. The Biotechnology Industry Organization's Website is commonly visited by members of the biotech industry. To date Websense has seen infected pages only within the news and public relations sections of their site. This same exploit is used by the people behind the attack on Syndicate Bank of India.
Source: http://www.websense.com/securitylabs/alerts/alert.php?AlertI D=795

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