Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Daily Highlights

Aero−News Network reports the National Transportation Safety Board recommends the Federal Aviation Administration should keep a close watch for possible medical and criminal issues with pilots as they undergo medical evaluations. (See item 10)
The Associated Press reports railroads and federal security officials want to build a complex of above−ground tunnels at a Colorado test center to experiment with ways to protect trains and subway stations from terrorist attacks and accidents. (See item 12)

Information Technology and Telecommunications Sector

27. June 25, Security Focus — Spanish police arrest alleged phone−virus creator. Authorities in Spain charged a 28−year−old man with creating more than 20 different variants of the Cabir and CommWarrior viruses, which could infect mobile phones based on the Symbian operating system, antivirus firms stated on Sunday, June 24. Law enforcement officers arrested the man in Valencia, Spain, after a seven−month investigation into the viruses, which infected an estimated 115,000 phones, according to a police statement cited by antivirus firm Sophos. The viruses reportedly contain a reference to "Leslie," which Sophos claims is the name of the suspect's fiancĂ©e.
Source: http://www.securityfocus.com/brief/534