Warning: The following post is not by DHS. Rather it is a copy of another blog I maintain and its posts regarding the Julie Amero case. If you do not recognize the name Julie Amero, I implore you to read on. If you are up to speed on the case, this is one that you can skip...assuming you are aware of what happened on May 18th, her scheduled sentencing date. My apologies to anyone who is offended.

To be contined.....It appears that the Julie Amero drama will never end!

Once again, for the fourth time, the saga of Julie Amero has been continued. Who knows why? Only the States Attorney. And, when it is finally heard, at this point no one can be really sure but currently the date is June 6th, it will not be heard in the court of conviction, Norwich Superior Court, but at the New London Judicial District court, the supervising headquarters of the Norwich Superior Court. I was looking forward to attending the hearing in Norwich today and meeting many of the persons who I have discussed this case with. Unfortunately, I may not be able to on June 6th due to other committments. Is it a conspiracy? I think not. However, others have already effectively articulated what is happening with far greater skill than mine....thus, I will introduce them and suggest that you follow the links to their posts.

The first is Rick Green, a columnist with the Hartford Courant: His columns on the Julie Amero saga have been most illuminating. I have had the priviledge of meeting with Rick and discussing the case, and a priviledge it was. Here is his most recent column:

Porn Case: Ducking For Cover, May 18, 2007. The state of Connecticut spent two years investigating before it won a speedy conviction of Julie Amero - the infamous Norwich porn teacher - this January.....

Next is Odd Time Signatures by Karoli....a blog covering many issues that has paid much attention to the Julie Amero case. Go here to see her latest post as well as obtaining a more historical perspective:

Julie Amero News, May 18, 2007. About the time I think I’ve written everything I can possibly write about Julie Amero, something else comes up. This latest postponement of her sentencing date has created opportunities for some very interesting articles and interviews.....

You can also read my earlier posts below for additional perspective or simply Google 'Julie Amero'. Sit back, relax and learn what is wrong with the current criminal justice system and technology.

Sentencing continues to be Continued.....Julie Amero....Will it ever end?

I hope that you have been following this case through other vehicles. Simply stated, my activities relative to Julie, college and clients has me going in overdrive and now that Spring has arrived, finally in New England, I have a lot of outside duties to tend to as well. A lot has transpired since my last post, the most significant of which is the delay of the sentencing. First of all in February until March 26th at the request of defense with the addition of skilled defense/appeal attornies and then March until April 26th at the State's request. Now, April until May 18th and you may see it here first.

I determined the rescheduling to May 18th by calling the GA-21 Criminal Clerks office in Norwich Superior Court this morning at about 11:30PM EDST. I was told by the media it was not official yet and I suspect that is why none of the media seem to have picked this up yet. None-the-less, I was told the following, "The Julie Amero sentencing hearing has been rescheduled for May 18th in Norwich Superior Court." Thus, I have no reason to doubt its accuracy.

Now, why another rescheduling? I could be barking up the wrong tree, and this would not be the first time, but with all of the media resources, international, national and local tied up with the Skakel trial in Bridgeport I believe that the State wants a clear agenda when the Julie Amero sentencing hearing takes place. It is embarrassed and needs maximum publicity as it tries to extracate itself from the mess that it finds itself in. For those that have not followed the case closely, the muck smears even Connecticut's Chief States Attorney Kevin Kane. On the job for less than a year, I am quite sure he wants a job for awhile longer.

Keep your eyes and ears posted here. If you want every detail, this is not the place to look. However, if you only want the significant events in this case, you can be assured I will update you later.

Julie Amero -- Searchable Transcript Now Available

Through the efforts of several individuals, a searchable version of the transcript is now available that can be published on the Internet. Actually, it has been available for several days. However, I wanted to clean it up and found the challenge greater than the amount of spare time that I have to complete such a task. Thus, while this transcript is "good", you will find that it changes font and appearance on many occasions. It also has errors in that this is an automated OCR conversion of the original images appearing in the non-searchable version.

Thus, when using the searchable version the following is strongly recommended:

1.) Be sure that you have both the searchable and non-searchable versions.

2.) Use the searchable version to locate the page that desired information is on and then switch to the non-searchable version for reading/research.

a.) This is the full set that is not searchable and has been available since February 28, 2007. You do not need to download this version if you have already done so. It has not changed.

Transcript Julie Amero Full Set Finally.pdf (101.0 MB bytes) =>
Short URL — http://tinyurl.com/2ba4ve
Long URL —

b.) This full set is searchable and compatible with all Adobe Acrobat Reader versions from Version 5 forward. If you have not down loaded the non-searchable version above, you should do so first as it is the only version that is "completely" accurate as it is a photographic image of the paper transcript. Do not make the mistake of trying to quote information from this version of the transcript...it is fine for automated searching, but that is all.

Transcript julie-amero-full-transcript-text.pdf (13.4 MB bytes) =>
Short URL — http://tinyurl.com/yojdeh
Long URL —

c.) This full set is searchable and compatible with all Adobe Acrobat Reader versions from Version 7 forward. It likely is not compatible with earlier versions and supports features of Version 7 and beyond that are not supported by the Version 5 file above. If you have not down loaded the non-searchable version above, you should do so first as it is the only version that is "completely" accurate as it is a photographic image of the paper transcript. Do not make the mistake of trying to quote information from this version of the transcript...it is fine for automated searching, but that is all.

Transcript julie-amero-full-transcript-text-3.pdf (90.4 MB bytes) =>
Short URL — http://tinyurl.com/2u9sh2
Long URL —

Julie Amero -- I've Been Silent for Too Long!! -- Phase 2

I promised in my initial post on the Julie Amero issue that I would update the matter when a couple of articles that I knew were in development became available to the public. Personally, I am very pleased with these articles and what they present to the public. One of them is quite long, 17 pages, but an extremely informative well written read. The other is of similar quality from a totally different, mostly technical perspective. There is no question that both authors see the Julie Amero issue as a travesty of justice as do I. Please reserve yourself a block of time and eliminate the distractions before you approach these articles. They deserve your undivided attention.

The first is a PDF from Windows Secrets, a newsletter that I subscribe to and encourage others to also subscribe. They have a free version which is great and a paid version that is even better. Fortunately, this article, Pop-up ads can land you in jail, appears in the free version. I created a PDF of it so that you can save a copy. If you wish to see the original, here is the link:

Julie Amero -- I've Been Silent for Too Long!!

Ok....where have I been for so long; working studying and maintaining another blog on a daily basis along with following/working on the Julie Amero case with my law professor. I know...I should have said something sooner, but quite frankly with everything that has been going on with Julie Amero I am barely keeping up with my studies and my wife is quite unhappy as well but is also outraged regarding this case.

I could overwhelm you with the facts, but rather than repeat what many others have said so well, with much more to come in the near future, I will summarize with appropriate links. Julie is a teacher that has been ambushed by the Connecticut legal system as a wanton vixen who destroys the character of young children, 7th graders, by exposing them to sordid sites on the classroom teacher's computer. The Norwich Bulletin has covered this story with a somewhat negative bias until recently. A simple Google search on Julie Amero will connect you with numerous other coverages of the story worlwide.

There are a couple of more local posts that help put it all together. They include
My Left Nutmeg and the Region 19 BOE Gazette; both of which you should read including their many links. I do not find it appropriate to attempt to paraphrase their excellent dialog on this issue. I am working with them and many others to ensure that Julie receives justice in this case...that is full exoneration, including compensation for the undue stress that she is enduring. As a result I know of other articles now about to be published. When they are available for the public I will post again.
Friday, May 18, 2007

Daily Highlights

The Indianapolis Star reports in what appears to be one of the broadest online school security failures ever in the U.S., thousands of confidential Indianapolis Public Schools student records were available to the public through Google searches. (See item 11)
The Los Angeles Daily News reports travelers were evacuated from Terminal 2 at Los Angeles International Airport Wednesday night, May 16, after baggage screening equipment detected two inactive World War II−era mortar shells inside luggage at a security checkpoint. (See item 19)

Information Technology and Telecommunications Sector

32. May 17, IDG News Service — Estonia recovers from massive denial−of−service attack. A spree of denial−of−service attacks against Websites in Estonia appears to be subsiding, as the government calls for greater response mechanisms to cyber attacks within the European Union. The attacks, which started around April 27, have crippled Websites for Estonia's prime minister, banks, and less−trafficked sites run by small schools, said Hillar Aarelaid, chief security officer for Estonia's Computer Emergency Response Team, on Thursday, May 17. But most of the affected Websites have been able to restore service. "Yes, it's serious problem, but we are up and running," Aarelaid said. Aarelaid said analysts have found postings on Websites indicating Russian hackers may be involved in the attacks. However, analysis of the malicious traffic shows that computers from the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Vietnam, and others have been used in the attacks, he said. Experts from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are helping Estonia investigate the attacks, Aarelaid said.
Source: http://www.infoworld.com/article/07/05/17/estonia−denial−of− service−attack_1.html

33. May 17, IDG News Service — Investment firms to buy Acxiom for $3 billion. Customer information management company Acxiom has agreed to be acquired by two private equity firms for $3 billion in cash. Acxiom has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by the equity firms Silver Lake and ValueAct Capital. The price tag includes the assumption of about $756 million in debt, the companies announced Wednesday, May 16. They expect to close the deal in three to four months.
Source: http://www.infoworld.com/article/07/05/17/investment−firms−b uy−acxiom_1.html

34. May 16, eWeek — Researcher reveals two−step Vista UAC hack. A Web application developer has uncovered a two−step process for exploiting Windows Vista's User Account Control (UAC), essentially by having a Trojan piggyback on what could be a legitimate download. Robert Paveza, a senior Web application developer with Terralever, published details of the vulnerability in a paper titled, "User−Prompted Elevation of Unintended Code in Windows Vista." Paveza said in the paper that the vulnerability uses a two−part attack vector against a default Vista installation. The first step requires that malware called a proxy infection tool be downloaded and run without elevation. That software can behave as the victim expects it to while it sets up a second malicious payload in the background.
White paper: http://www.robpaveza.net/VistaUACExploit/UACExploitWhitepape r.pdf
Source: http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1895,2131595,00.asp

35. May 16, SecurityFocus — Microsoft to give more early data on flaws. Microsoft announced on Wednesday, May 16, that the company will release more information on coming patches through its Advanced Notification Service and modify the layout of its security bulletins starting in June. Under the changes, Microsoft's Security Response Center will release advanced notifications and security bulletins under the same URLs, adding in−depth vulnerability information on the second Tuesday each month to the summary of information released five days before as part of its Advanced Notification Service. The summarized information will include maximum severity and impact of the flaws, detection information and the names of affected software.
Source: http://www.securityfocus.com/brief/502