Friday, February 22, 2013
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A Kansas City federal jury awarded buyers of Dow Chemical Co. products more than $400 million worth of damages after Dow Chemical Co. conspired with competitors to fix prices. – Bloomberg

2. February 21, Bloomberg – (Kansas) Dow Chemical loses $400 million price-fixing jury verdict. A case that started in 2005 resulted in a federal jury in Kansas City awarding buyers of urethane-based products more than $400 million worth of damages against Dow Chemical Co. for conspiring with competitors to fix prices.

  A 150-foot section of an Arizona highway collapsed, possibly as result of natural causes. – WPTV 5 West Palm Beach

14. February 21, WPTV 5 West Palm Beach – (Arizona) US 89 Page, Arizona photos: Highway collapses 25 miles south of Page in possible 'geologic event'. A 150-foot section of US 89 collapsed about 25 miles south of Page, Arizona February 20. Officials do not believe the cause is weather-related but possibly the result of natural causes. Source:

A dozen fire departments and over 100 firefighters fought a farm fire for more than 12 hours, destroying several acres and multiple structures. – Medina Gazette

16. February 21, Medina Gazette – (Ohio) Massive blaze destroys greenhouses in Camden Twp. A fire burned through 5 acres of green houses at Green Circle Growers in Lorain County, destroying 25 of them, as well as a one-acre production barn. Over 100 firefighters from 12 departments fought the blaze, which lasted just over 12 hours. Source:

  The White House released a plan to mitigate and prevent foreign entities from accessing trade secrets. – Softpedia See item 30 below in the Information Technology Sector

Banking and Finance Sector

7. February 21, Associated Press – (North Carolina) NC man sentences in huge crop insurance fraud. A former insurance adjuster from North Carolina pleaded guilty to mail fraud, conspiring to make false statements and threatening a witness and will be headed to prison for his role in a conspiracy to defraud the federal crop insurance program from 1996 to 2007. Part of his sentencing includes restitution payments of more than $21 million. Source:

8. February 21, Associated Press – (Delaware) Arraignment for Delaware developer charged with fraud. A Dover Developer is charged with money laundering, conspiracy, and making false statements to a financial institution after he received $37 million in financing and allegedly diverted construction loan money for unauthorized purposes. The bank reported a loss of more than $26 million. Source:

9. February 20, WMTV 15 Madison – (National) Scammers indicted after stealing more than $100,000 in Sauk County. Close to 200 people living in and around the Village of Prairie Du Sac were victim to a credit card skimmer scheme at an ATM outside a grocery store. Two crooks were indicted after stealing a total of $114,000 after a month of skimming from October 2012 to November 2012. Source:

10. February 20, Reuters – (New York) Lockheed to settle securities fraud suit for $19.5 million. An agreement to resolve a securities fraud class-action lawsuit accusing the Lockheed Martin Corp. of misleading investors about the prospects of its information technology (IT) division will result in a $19.5 million settlement. Source:

11. February 20, Associated Press – (Mississippi) Former bank teller pleads guilty to bank fraud. A head-teller of a Picayune bank faces up to 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine after pleading guilty to her role in stealing $117,000 from a bank’s vault. Source:

12. February 20, Sacramento Bee – (California) Citrus Heights man accused of credit card scam. A federal grand jury returned a 36-count indictment against the owner of a sham business who, allegedly, unlawfully obtained more than 26,000 American Express charge card numbers and made tens of thousands of unauthorized charges to the business’s account. Of the attempted $390,000 fraudulent charges, the man received more than $270,000 from American Express. Source:

Information Technology Sector

29. February 21, Softpedia – (International) Huawei welcomes the US’s cybersecurity
executive order. The U.S. President’s cybersecurity executive order was approved by Huawei who is working towards clearing their reputation for being a threat to national security. The company believes the strategies presented in the order will help prevent security issues and enhance resiliency of critical infrastructures.

30. February 21, Softpedia – (International) US says trade secrets are at risk of being stolen by China, Russia and WikiLeaks. A report on a plan to mitigate the theft of U.S. trade secrets was released by the White House detailing an action strategy aimed at preventing foreign entities from accessing trade secrets. Source:

For another story, see item 10 above in the Banking and Finance Sector

Communications Sector

31. February 21, Engadget – (National) FCC proposal hopes to grow Wi-Fi spectrum by 35 percent, reduce hotspot congestion. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed to increase available spectrum for unlicensed devices by making up the spectrum in the 5 GHz band. The FCC also proposed to streamline existing rules and equipment authorization procedures for unlicensed devices, and create a more flexible regulatory environment. Source:

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