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Complete DHS Daily Report for February 27, 2013

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 High winds and several inches of snow from a second snowstorm impacted transportation, government buildings, and caused nearly 40,000 people in Missouri and Kansas to be without power. – Associated Press

1.  February 26, Associated Press – (Missouri; Kansas) Thousands without power as second major storm wallops Missouri, Kansas. A second snowstorm knocked out power to nearly 40,000 people in Missouri and Kansas as well as shut down businesses, schools, and government buildings across the two States. Flights were delayed and later on cancelled as high winds and several inches of snow grounded almost all modes of transportation. Source:

  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) launched multiple safety-related investigations involving several leading manufacturers affecting 1.3 million vehicles. – Detroit Bureau

8. February 25, Detroit Bureau – (National) 1.3 million Fords, Toyotas, Hondas under investigation. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has launched multiple automotive safety-related investigations involving about 1.3 million Ford, Toyota, and Honda vehicles. In the past decade, there have been a number of reports citing safety deficiencies involving specific models, prompting the NHTSA investigations. Source:

 An overturned chemical truck carrying 7,000 gallons of methanol caused major detours and shut down 10 miles of Interstate 49 in Louisiana. – Opelousas Daily World

15. February 25, Opelousas Daily World – (Louisiana) Hazardous waste spill closes I-49. Over 10 miles of Interstate 49 near Lebeau, Louisiana were closed for most of February 25, due to an overturned chemical truck containing 7,000 gallons of highly-flammable methanol, forcing thousands of drivers to find lengthy detours. Investigators are examining why the tanker truck slid off the side of the road in heavy fog conditions. Source:

 Two U.S. honey processors illegally imported honey that originated in China, evaded millions in anti-dumping duties. – Food Safety News

18. February 26, Food Safety News – (International) “Honeygate” sting leads to charges for illegal Chinese honey importation. Two of the largest U.S. honey processors and five people have been charged by the government for illegally importing honey that originated in China, evading over $180 million in anti-dumping duties. Groeb Farms, of Onstead, Michigan, has agreed to pay $2 million in fines and Honey Solutions of Baytown, Texas has agreed to $1 million in fines. Source:

 An Army Corps of Engineers report estimated the damage done by a 2011 flood of the Mississippi River to be around $2.8 billion. – Associated Press

23. February 25, Associated Press – (National) $2.8B damages in 2011 Mississippi River flood. A report from the Army Corps of Engineers detailed the damage done by a 2011 flood of the Mississippi River as well as deficiencies throughout the system. More than 119 counties, 21,000 homes and businesses, 43,000 people, and 1.2 million acres of agricultural land were affected by the flood. Source:


Banking and Finance Sector

9. February 26, News Tribune – (Washington) Ex-loan officer sentenced for defrauding Tacoma Rescue Mission. A former loan officer was sentenced to four years in prison for making under-the-table loans to friends and associates from nearly $1 million he siphoned from Tacoma Rescue Mission bank accounts. Source:

10. February 25, Southwest Riverside News Network – (California) Newport coast woman sentenced for bilking banks out of $4.7 million. A woman pleaded guilty to fraud involving a $130 million revolving line of credit from multiple banks for a home decor business. For her role in defrauding the banks, the woman was sentenced to three years and $4.7 million in restitution payments to the banks. Source:

11. February 25, Associated Press – (Indiana) Vectren warns of debit card utility payment scam. Scammers claiming to be utility representatives are threatening customers with disconnected services if an immediate payment is not made. Customers are told to return the call with a pre-paid debit card to process the payment. Source:

12. February 25, Ames Patch – (Iowa) Scam Alert: Ames police warn of a hotel credit card theft. Ames Police have learned of a new scam targeting hotel guests’ credit card information. A call is made to hotel guests as if they were a hotel employee looking to fix a crashed computer system by inputting the guests’ credit card information, at times including a partial refund for inconvenience. Source:

13. February 25, WBNS 10 Columbus – (Ohio) Ohio Inspector General: Employee stole nearly $500,000 from Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. A business administrator forged multiple checks over a three-year period stealing $440,000 in tax dollars. The Ohio Inspector General made 26 recommendations to address the weak policies which had insufficient oversight. Source:

Information Technology Sector

33. February 26, Computerworld – (Natiomal) Six-strikes piracy alert system rolling out in the US. After a strain of delays a new anti-piracy system will be implemented in the U.S. that holds Internet service providers accountable for warning and educating users on the dangers of obtaining copyrighted material. Source:

34. February 26, Softpedia – (International) Bit9 says its systems had been compromised since July 2012. Bit9 reported their systems were breached in July 2012 but the company did not discover the SQL Injection vulnerability that was implemented on their public Web site until January 2013. The company stated the attackers were able to gain access to 32 files with the goal of installing a malicious Java applet to send additional malicious files. Source:

35. February 26, Softpedia – (International) Cyber fighters to resume attacks against US banks on March 5. A hacktivist group threatened to resume their attack on a number of U.S. banks unless the all remaining digital copies of a Muslim-based movie are removed from the Internet. Source:

36. February 25, Associated Press – (New Jersey) Sentencing for man convicted in iPad email thefts. A man was convicted of taking over 120,000 email addresses from Apple iPad users through an online ring that led AT&T’s Web site into divulging the personal email addresses and selling them to a different site. Source:

Communications Sector

37. February 26, KSLA 12 Shreveport – (Louisiana) Sunday's cable outage sparks heat between Comcast, city officials. City officials contemplate cutting ties with Comcast after a power surge disrupted the February 24, cable showing of the Oscar’s in the city of Shreveport as well as cut phone, Internet for nearly two hours. Source:

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